Using StyleSheets

Use StyleSheets to set the fonts, colors, and other settings that TaskPaper uses to display and print your lists. You can find existing TaskPaper stylesheets on TaskPaper's extensions wiki.

To install a stylesheet:
  1. Choose Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder
  2. Move the stylesheet file (ends with .less) into that folder
  3. The style will then show in the Window > StyleSheet menu where you may select it.
To choose a printing stylesheet:
  1. Choose File > Print
  2. Click "Show Details" in printing sheet if they are not already showing
  3. In the "TaskPaper" details section you can choose the stylesheet to use for printing

TaskPaper stylesheets use Less/CSS syntax from the world of web browsers and HTML. But TaskPaper documents are not HTML documents. And TaskPaper stylesheets support a different and more limited set of attributes. Same syntax, but different model.

See the StyleSheets reference for specific elements and properties.

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