Fold, Focus, & Filter

TaskPaper gives you three ways to filter your lists; fold, focus, and filter.


Expand and collapse items to control the level of detail that you see.

  • Click an item's handle to expand/collapse its sub-list.
  • Use Outline > Expand Items (Command-0) to expand items.
  • Use Outline > Collapse Items (Command-9) to collapse items.
  • When you move a collapsed item its children move along with it.
  • Use Outline > Expand All By Level (Shift-Command-0) to expand one level at a time.
  • Use Outline > Collapse All By Level (Shift-Command-9) to collapse one level at a time.

Each Expand/Collapse command has a "Completely" variant that you can see and access by holding down the Option key. For example Option-Command-0 will expand the current item completely. Expanding it and all descendant items.


Focusing zooms you into a particular project hiding everything else.

  • Click a project in the sidebar to focus it.
  • Click the "Home" item in the sidebar to unfocus and show your entire list.
  • Use Option-Click on a projects handle to focus the project.
  • Use Palette > Go to Anything (Command-P) to choose a project to focus.


Filtering hides items that don't match the search in the searchbar.

  • Use View > Begin Editor Search (Command+Shift+F) to start searching.
  • Click a @tag in your list to search based on that tag.
  • Click a @tag's associated value in your list to search based on that tag and value.
  • Use Palette > Go to Anything (Command-P) to choose a saved search or tag to filter by.

You can create logical searches:

  • not @done – Shows all items that are not tagged with @done.
  • @done and @today – Shows all items tagged with @done AND with @today.

For more search techniques please see the Search reference.

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