Using Scripts

Use scripts to automate TaskPaper and integrate with other apps. You can find existing TaskPaper scripts on TaskPaper's extension wiki.

To try a script:
  1. Create a new test document in TaskPaper
  2. Open the "Script Editor" app and paste the script into a new "Script Editor" document
  3. Scripts are in either JavaScript (more likely) or AppleScript. There's a pop up in the upper left of the Script Editor allowing you to choose the scripts format.
  4. Press the green "Run" button to run the script
To install a script in TaskPaper's Command Pallet:
  1. Open TaskPaper > Preferences
  2. Click the "Open Scripts Folder" button
  3. Choose "Select Script Folder" to show TaskPaper's scripts folder
  4. Place the script file into that folder
  5. Use Palette > Command to run the script
To install a script in the system script menu:

Open the "ScriptEditor" app and choose Help > Script Editor Help. Search for the help section "Access your scripts using the Script menu". That will lead you through the steps of enabling and saving scripts into the system script menu.

You can also use FastScripts or Keyboard Maestro to run your scripts with keyboard shortcuts.

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