Using Dates & Reminders

Use TaskPaper to insert dates into your lists. Export these dated items to Reminders app. Or go the other way. Import items that you've captured in Reminders (maybe using Siri) into TaskPaper and they will include due dates and priorities.

Inserting Dates

TaskPaper stores dates in the ISO 8601 format. It's a good standard, but typing out full ISO dates is a pain. TaskPaper includes a palette to make inserting dates easier.

To Insert Dates:

  1. Edit > Insert Date…
  2. Use Arrow Keys to select a date in the palette
  3. Or, enter a date using TaskPaper's date & time syntax in the palette's text field

There are some tags that TaskPaper (by convention) associates with dates. For example @due tags are expected to include a due date. When you enter a tag that also expects a date (@due and @start) TaskPaper automatically show the date palette for date entry.

To Insert Tags and Dates:

  1. Tag > Due
  2. Or, Tag > Tag With… (and select @due)
  3. In either case the data palette shows and an ISO date is inserted with the tag.

Import/Export with Reminders app

Reminders is the standard app that Apple provides for reminders. It's good at idea capture with your phone and notifications, both areas where TaskPaper is weak. But you can have the best of both worlds by importing and exporting between TaskPaper and Reminders.

Imagine you are driving and have only your phone with you. Then you've got a good idea for a project you are tracking in TaskPaper. Use Siri to "Remind me…" about the great idea. Later when you are back on your Mac you can import this reminder into your TaskPaper document in a few easy keystrokes:

To Import Items from Reminders app:

  1. File > Import Reminders
  2. Select the reminders you wish to import
  3. Select multiple reminders using Shift key or command clicking items
  4. Once you've select the reminders that you want press Return

Or imagine you are about to go on a vacation that you've planned in TaskPaper. You decide to leave your Mac at home, but will take your phone, and want your trip reminders too.

To Export TaskPaper Items to Reminders app:

  1. Select the items that you wish to export
  2. Choose Item > Export to Reminders (or Export Copies to Reminders)
  3. The items are moved from your TaskPaper document into Reminders app.

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