Getting Started

TaskPaper knows about four things: projects, tasks, notes, and tags. As you type, these items are auto-formatted so that your lists are easier to read.

  • To create a project, type a line ending with a colon:


  • To create a task, type a line starting with a dash followed by a space:

    - Milk

  • To create a note, type any line that isn't recognized as a project or task:

    This is a note that I added.

  • To create a tag, type the @ symbol followed by a name. Tags can optionally have a value (or list of comma separated values) in parentheses after the tag name:

    @priority or

    @priority(1) or


Use Tabs to indent items under other items and create structure. Use Shift-Tab to undo this structure. Put these things together to make lists:

    - Eggs
    - Lettuce
    - Milk @priority(1)

Type your lists in this simple plain text format, and TaskPaper makes them look nice. TaskPaper doesn't force a particular system on you; it provides basic list making elements for you to use as you see fit.

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